We’re pleased to announce some new products coming to the store in the near future. We used to run these articles quite often, and we’ve decided to bring them back. We are eagerly awaiting the release of these products and we think they are worth taking a look!

Summoner Wars

Although this game has been out a few years, it’s getting a second edition as a Master Set. This unique game can be played with both cards and through an online website. Players are summoners who control armies trying to take control of the planet Itharia. The second edition comes to life with brand new illustrations from Martin Abel and Madison Johnson. Coming to the Store August 19th

Nemesis: Lockdown

This highly anticipated standalone game in the Nemesis series sends you to Mars. Do you work with your fellow players or are you secretly working against them? What are your fellow players up to? and will you survive? Arriving in the store August 26th

Quacks & Co: Quedlinburg Dash

Switching gears, wanted to offer a game that’s for the younger ones. The day before the big festival in Quedlinburg, the town’s children take to the street for a raise. Help your animal reach the finish line first in this fun dice rolling game. Arriving in the store later this summer

That’s all for this week, we’re going to try and highlight a few games each week that are coming out soon!